TQM GROUP is a group of companies that provide services in the field of business process optimization. Project implementation is carried out by profesional teams of consultants and supported by IT solutions
In our approach, we use methods that are in line with the needs of the organization and are optimal for the size and way of doing business of the client.
We place special emphasis on our expertise and solutions in the areas of inventory and commodity management, production process management, risk management, traceability management, IT services management and Information Security.
All solutions are supported by software services. We use a set of complementary solutions from ERP solutions to TiramIS, through ConnAgrIS and TAGIS traceability solutions, to RiskConn risk management tools. Using IoT and RFID technologies, we keep up with modern needs of various economic branches.
Innovative Solutions

Our mission is to enable our customers to do their jobs in an optimal way. For us, customer busines is the focus. We develop our solutions on that concept.

Team of experts

Our team consists of experienced individuals from different fields. They gained their expertise and experience in the country, the region and in the EU countries. The best projects they have worked on speak for our people.

Adjustable prices

We are the company that is there for you! For this reason, we have applied pricing to our standard, to make it affordable to anyone who wants to become successful in providing their services efficiently.