The Cooperative Federation of FBiH will use TQM IT solutions in the agricultural sector

In June 2020, the FBiH Chamber of Commerce recognized the needs of the FBiH Cooperative Union, and in accordance with the common interest included the Cooperative Union in the membership of the Chamber and thus made available its capacities to support agricultural producers and encourage the development of BiH. agricultural sector. As part of the joint activities of the Chamber and the Cooperative Union of FBiH, special emphasis was placed on modern agricultural development, the need for digitalization and digital transformation, and the application of modern IT solutions in agriculture.

In order to implement further activities in this direction, contact was established with TQM Group, which operates in the Balkans and Germany, as an implementer of the information system to support primary agricultural production, processing of agricultural products and their distribution.

Namely, TQM Group offers a software solution that meets all aspects of traceability as a basic requirement of all standards that food producers must meet (GlobalGAP – Standard of Best Practice in Agricultural Production, IFS – International Standard for Food Producers which is the dominant EU requirement, ISO 22000 – Management System food safety according to ISO requirements, BRC – British standard of food producers, Organic – standard of organic food producers, etc.)

The Cooperative Association and the representatives of the Chamber are at the presentation held on July 27, 2020. get acquainted in detail with the functionalities of the TQM system and the conditions of its use. In accordance with the needs, the necessity of using such a system and its wider exploitation was recognized by other interested parties, especially by the competent ministries at the level of cantons and FBiH, and professional services of municipalities, the chamber said.

In that context, the Agreement on Business and Technical Cooperation between the FBiH Chamber of Commerce, the FBiH Cooperative Association and the representatives of the TQM Group in BiH was concluded. During the signing, the President of P / GK FBiH Mirsad Jašarspahić pointed out that this agreement supported the intention of the Cooperative Union, with the organizational support of the Chamber of Commerce and in accordance with the possibilities, with the funds of members to provide funds of competent institutions and international development agencies. .

The FBiH Cooperative Federation, the FBiH Chamber of Commerce and the TQM Group will work together to prepare, organize and conduct meetings and other activities with members of the Cooperative Union and representatives of competent institutions at the municipal, cantonal and FBiH levels, and international development agencies. cooperation could be realized in the planned three-year cycle.

A dynamic plan for the implementation of activities and tasks between the signatories will be defined as the first next step.

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